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Our number one goal at the Elements Group is to help see your company grow, in reach and in impact in your community. This begins with an analysis of your organization top to bottom: Why you do what you do, how you do what you do, and how effective it all is in reaching your audience. From social media, to digital marketing, to fundraising campaigns, a Discovery will give you a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of where your roadblocks lie, and what your next steps could be to implement growth in your organization.

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Digital Marketing at The Elements Group includes a comprehensive Social Media Discovery, as well as a thorough Web and Search evaluation, and a Mobile Web and Email Marketing strategy to more effectively reach your organization’s audience. In the Discovery is included a comprehensive look at your social media platforms, an evaluation of the aspects of your online influence, integration, approach and effectiveness. Also included are recommendations for moving forward to improve your social media presence and capturing the attention of your audience and followers.

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Most churches view their church capital campaign as one-off events, strongly organized but stressful and therefore avoided until absolutely necessary. Instead, what if the 2 or 3 year focus was viewed as a critical piece of an ongoing, holistic approach to your church’s financial health? How about a continuous plan that eagerly anticipates additional future campaigns, interspersed with continuous, pro-active discussion, discipleship, and demonstration? Let us at The Elements Group be a part of strategically planning a successful campaign for your church. Included in the package is a Campaign Playbook, Branding, Giving Talks, Goals, Leadership strategies, Social Media Moments and a big picture strategy that will help your campaign launch, progress, reach its goals, and continue to bear fruit when it’s completed.

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At The Elements Group our heartbeat is to resource a team for growth, and often the greatest resource a leader or team can have is a coach who is cheerleading them along in their journey. Our coaching team will come alongside you and help you address some of those big concerns looming in your organization, those small details that are hard to identify, and the roadblocks that need removing. Our coaching sessions can be one-on-one with you as a leader for an hour a week, with your team once a month, or whatever you are needing to get to the next growth level.

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The biggest risk is not taking any risk…
In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

– Mark Zuckerberg


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