Social Media Camp
Truth is… while there may be no clear commands to “go into all the Twittersphere and tweet the Gospel,” we are called to everyone and to use whatever means possible to do so. For Christ-followers and church leaders in the 21st century, that means leveraging the opportunity we have to extend what happens at our churches on the weekends into all the world through social media.
Social Media has become the number one effective way for churches to communicate and share the message of Christ and at The Elements Group we want to help your team uncover the huge potential that social media can have in your church through our Social Media Camp: a 3 hour boot camp that teaches your staff and leadership team to use and leverage social mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter, to invest in friends by inviting them to something that truly matters.
Schedule The Elements Group to come host a SMC at your church or organization and see the benefits that it will make in spreading your vision and message. You’ll learn all kinds of cool tips and tricks to invite more people to church, as well as elevate your level of communication and influence in your community.