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Planning for growth can be exciting, thrilling and motivating, but as you start to analyze your current systems and processes,  you may also start to discover some chinks in your armor.  In a church or ministry, is it absolutely vital that in order to grow, you need good systems to manage, track and leverage your growth.  From a guest’s attendance, to tracking their next steps, giving and growth, your processes for moving a person from A to Z in your church should be clear, easy and well-defined, and your systems should reflect that process.  At The Elements Group, we provide recommendations, support and training for church management systems to help you gain that strong foundation you need for growth, as well as resources for online giving, managing event registration, reporting, and communications.   If you are looking for some answers in these areas, please contact us for more information to see if we can help.


The message of Christ can and should be communicated creatively and impactfully on our church’s congregations.  The effect of memorable piece of music, video or touching moment in a worship service may be the one thing that draws a person back to your church, or even to a begin a relationship with Christ.  But it doesn’t take a miracle to create a high-quality experience at your services on the weekends, and our team at The Elements Group can provide what you may be lacking or needing in your technical arts department.  If you are looking for some simple upgrades to your equipment, or you are renovating or starting from scratch, we can help resource you with the latest technology in sound, projectors, screens, lighting, computers, and software and linking it all together to create a beautiful experience for your church’s attendees.  If you have some ideas or you if you just don’t know where to start, contact us to get more information and to see what might be possible for your facilities to plan for growth for your church.

App Development

Considering getting an app for your church?  There are so many good reasons to do so!  More and more people are using their smart devices (over 5.2 billion people) to have access to every area of their life.  Why not their church?  Why not provide your congregation with easy access to everything that is happening in your church day-to-day?  Increase your online presence for those looking for a church, and increase your ability to communicate with your guests with your own church app.
Our team at The Elements Group recognizes that one of the greatest organizations that can benefit from utilizing app technology is the local church.  Contact us to get more information on creating a high-quality, highly-configurable app for your church, ministry or organization.  The result can allow your congregation access to sermon audio and video, event listings, directions, online giving, send prayer requests, and more.

Contact us today to get more information on creating your own unique app for your church or ministry.

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