On-Site Training
Often in a church or ministry it seems that there is so much to tackle, and a team often needs to regroup, refresh, and get back on the same page.  Or a new ministry is beginning, and the team needs training on what is expected, what the vision is and what their specific roles require.  It’s easy to underestimate the benefits of a good training for your ministry team.  And it’s even easier to overlook or fail to recognize when a team is starting to become disconnected or when vision-drift is occurring.  Whether it’s a new ministry, a new team, or an experienced group or people that just need to refocus, we can help.
From social media trainings, to small group leader trainings to serving team trainings, to staff retreats, leadership retreats, and church board trainings, The Elements Group is able to come and be a fresh voice to your team to help them effectively reach more people for Christ.
Contact us to help get your group united or rejuvenated and see how God can use them to do so much together.
Virtual Assistant
As a pastor, you only have 24 hours in a day… that’s 1,440 minutes… 86,400 seconds… your job is not to proofread the bulletin, send out newsletters, update your Facebook status or tweet the latest event coming up at your church.  We want you to connect with people and stay in your sweet spot, not worry about sending visitor emails or posting your next message series graphics.
But maybe you aren’t ready to hire another position on your staff, and need to find a quick solution for some of the things that just aren’t getting done, or that your staff is not able to do.  For a fraction of the cost to hire additional help to work in your office, The Elements Group provides just the right people for you to outsource many of the repetitive, easy to delegate, weekly stuff on your todo list.
Our virtual assistants are available to provide weekly bulletin updating, sermon slides for your services, social media scheduling, keeping your blog posts updated, and even graphic design for your church events, small groups, message series and more.  We are able to meet your weekly needs what you are lacking with just a few hours a week from one of our virtual assistants.  Contact us and let us know your needs today.  (or go to the “packaging” page)