The Back Story


About SCC and what they needed

Our relationship with Steamboat Christian Center began over 6 years ago when they approached us about potentially doing building program to renovate their 30-year old facilities in Steamboat Springs, CO.  At that time the church was small but growing rapidly, and it began clear that the biggest need was to help them capture the momentum and strategically launch their church into the next phase of ministry, growth, staffing, and building.

The Strategy


How we approached this project

Steamboat Christian Center over the years has utilized The Elements Group to provide ongoing branding, marketing, social media, graphic design, bulletin design, campaign strategy, growth strategy and more.  Our goals have been:

  • Keep the brand consistent across all platforms, website, social media, etc.
  • Continue to provide growth strategies for this church in a small ski town, increase their vision for their church and community.

The Elements Group Deliverables:

  • Weekly bulletin design
  • Message series graphic design
  • Message intro video production
  • Branding for special events
  • Ongoing capital campaign strategy
  • Social Media design and ad development
  • Team Development and growth strategies

The Execution


What we did for Steamboat Christian Center...