The Back Story


About the client and what they needed

Pastor Darius Johnston of Christ Church in Fort Worth, TX came to The Elements Group with a desire to create a personal brand for him as a Pastor and influencer in the metroplex.  His heart was to be able to have a place to blog, share thoughts and insights, as well as elevate his social media platforms, to included some of his blogging as well as create a stronger presence online for himself.

The Strategy


How we approached this project

When we think about developing a strategy to create a personal brand, we will always look to the heart of our client, to gather their individuality, their uniqueness, and their personality.  The influence that Darius Johnston has in the community is large, and his passions were about being a husband, a father, and a pastor. We sought to be very intentional about how we would present Darius’ site.  The creative process led us to the idea that he wears a lot of hats, but at the end of the day he wanted this site to be used as a platform to share with people what He felt like God was sharing with him.

The Elements Group Deliverables:

  • Designed a unique logo for Darius Johnston, to be used for her personal website and social media
  • Designed, developed, built and maintained a multi-page responsive website for pastor Darius Johnston –
  • Integrated the logo and brand into Darius’ Facebook and Twitter
  • Included a blog in the site to post be able to post regularly, and a daily Fresh Bread blog from his Constant Contact account

The Execution


What we did for the client...

  • We decided that in order to create a brand that best represents Darius, we needed to design a simple,
    yet recognizable, professional, yet creative logo and site.  Our goal was to create something clean,
    user-friendly, and personal.