The Back Story


About the client and what they needed

Growing up in a Christian home in Motor City, MI, Truston Baba dreamed of being a part of the industry as an engineer. That was until God gripped his life at a church summer camp moment, and his life’s trajectory was forever changed. Since saying yes to partner with God, Truston has been on the best ride of his life. He married the love of his life and partner in crime Rachel, and they have two little loves, Lily and Titus. It is the desire of Truston and Rachel to “aim the Light” so that others may see the goodness of God.

Truston has been in full time ministry for 15 years serving as youth pastor, outreach pastor, and associate pastor while speaking at youth and leadership conferences all over the country. While experiencing all atmospheres of church ministry, Truston also serves as consultant.

The Strategy


How we approached this project

RESEARCH The first step is we need to thoroughly understand your business, your business goals, your customers and their expectations and behavior, and how your branding and website factors into all of it. We’ll also look at the competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should function and then improve on that. This stage will give us the foundation for moving forward with just the right recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website. We will also take a look at your logo and branding, refresh the look or start from scratch to design a logo that best represents the professionalism and quality customer service that your company exemplifies.

DESIGN Once we’re armed with this information, we’ll set to work sketching out interface layouts, including the home page, sub pages, blog options, etc. Wireframes look like simple skeletons of your website without the visual polish of the finished design, allowing us to experiment and iterate on solutions quickly so that we have a good sense of how content should be laid out across different screen sizes. We recommend having all of your content ready by this stage which will inform the design and make it faster to load the initial content on the development server so content doesn’t hold back the launch. If you won’t be able to provide professionally written content by this stage we recommend having our in-house copywriter create the content for you.

DEVELOPMENT Next we’ll set to work making your design a reality by building the site using standards-based technology. We recommend WordPress as your content management system (CMS). WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS in the world and has thousands of developers constantly improving it and contributing plugins to extend it’s functionality. Your website can contain static pages (ie: pages that don’t change often) including the home page, about us, our services, our team, and contact us, as well as pages that may change often, i.e. a blog page for you to publish posts that will be displayed in a reverse chronological order with pagination, search, tagging and category filters. It can also include social media links to display your social media platforms, a quick email link, etc.

The Elements Group Deliverables:

  • Photo Shoot
    To develop your organization’s brand, we will capture the vision and passion of who you are through a photo shoot on-site. We believe that an organization’s visibility and ability to connect and attract people can be dramatically leveraged through telling your story visually. Photo shoot would include head shots for use in the Press Packet, social media, and on the web.
  • Logo / Branding
    Create a logo and brand that would highlight the professionalism and vision of the organization,ensuring that the logo(s) are high quality and high resolution that transfer easily to social media platforms, publications, etc.
  • Biography Writing
    We will provide a copywriter to come alongside you to develop a biography and content for the Press Kit and website, to help clearly communicate and wordsmith the vision, purpose and goals for you organization.
  • Website Development
    Create an attractive website that would encourage online involvement, that would include and highlight who you are, achieve your goals, attract traffic, secure bookings, include forms, e-commerce, and communicate the goals and vision of your organization. Includes two hours of training post-launch.
  • Social Media Expert
    Social Media Expert is a monthly coach, trainer, content curator and poster for your social media platforms. This includes integrating your logo, branding and website links into social media platforms (one included), and to increase the traffic, likes, and involvement from the community on these platforms.
    Video Blog Development
    Included is a micro video shoot, video editing of two (2) short vlogs, logo/branding integration, an intro and outro segment, for use on the web, social media, etc.
  • Press Kit
    Design and development of a Press Kit to use as a communication piece to secure potential bookings and ministry opportunities.
    Ministry Launch Coaching Included is a three-month coaching contract to help guide you as you launch Truston Baba Ministry, to walk alongside you as you navigate your options, bookings, advertisements, social media strategies, etc.

The Execution


What we did for the client...

  • Working with 5Points Church has been challenging and exciting, to see growth and to see a new church be planted in an area that needs a relevant, thriving church.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for Pastor Marty and his team.