The Back Story


About the client and what they needed

Pastor Marty Douglas has been a long time friend of The Elements Group and approached us with a vision to plant a church in Alvarado, TX, in an area unchurched that needed a relevant community of believers.  He asked us to partner alongside him to make a game plan to brand the church, create a website, and help him launch the church in an impactful way. We have had a long term relationship with Five Points, and continue to invest in the growth of this community of faith.

The Strategy


How we approached this project

5Points Church was starting from scratch, so our involvement and scope of work has been extensive and has spanned from logo design, web design and hosting, church planting strategy, staffing, finances and budgets, calendar and message planning, communication strategies, and micro-campaigns for big day events or seasons of growth.  We have had a coaching relationship with Pastor Marty as well, and have been able to see successful growth in this church plant in Alvarado, TX.  It’s been exciting to see where this church has come from, and to see its people work together to make an impact in their community.  We’ve been more than privileged to be a part.

The Elements Group Deliverables:

  • Designed a unique logo and website for 5Points Church, integrated into Social Media & Email Marketing tools
  • Developed a strategy for launching 5Points Church, including budget, branding, advertising, service planning, etc.
  • Provided coaching monthly for the Pastor, which included staffing and volunteer training, small group training
  • Have provided an ongoing Virtual Assistant weekly to do bulletin work, social media posts, Powerpoint for messages, YouVersion implementation, etc.
  • Developed an annual Playbook to included the church’s vision, mission, strategy, core values, message planning, micro-campaign planning, and communication calendar

The Execution


What we did for the client...

  • Working with 5Points Church has been challenging and exciting, to see growth and to see a new church be planted in an area that needs a relevant, thriving church.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for Pastor Marty and his team.