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Strong strategy that increases employee engagement and performance.

Are you not sure how to make your next move as a leader? How to develop a strategy, what to change, or how to prioritize your strategic moves that need to be made? Our team of Strategic Organizational Leadership coaches can help.
People Operations Package
People Operations Package
One-on-one coaching to develop:
  • Clear job descriptions
  • Audit of organizational chart
  • Scorecards to track employee success
  • Coaching from a SHRM Certified Human Resource Professional (A designation by the Society for Human Resource Management)
  • Short-term and annual contracts available
Deep Dive Discovery
  • Organizational strengths/opportunities assessment 
  • Core Values, Staff Culture Review 
  • Organizational chart review
  • Talent analysis 
  • Job descriptions review
  • Operations and systems review
recruitment and onboarding
Recruitment & Onboarding Session
  • Employee value proposition (Talent outreach campaign) 
  • Comp and benefits promo strategies
  • Pre-screening process (personality assessment, aptitude and skills tests)
  • Interview process review and creation
Performance Management & Staff Training/Development
  • Performance management and annual reviews
  • 360’s – Talent Smart
  • EQi-MHS
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Development track
staff development
employee retention
Employee Retention and Engagement
  • Q12
  • Staff “In-Reach” campaigns
  • Team member “Promotion Roadmap”
Invite Culture Session

Is your team STUCK when it comes to church growth? This is a double win for your church – Because establishing an invite culture directly helps the first time guest experience. Have you created an easy on-ramp for guests to become a part of your church? Creating an invite culture means that you’re putting yourself intentionally around nonbelievers. Creating a strategic invite culture is something you can implement, no matter what size church you’re a part of.

Getting to the door cannot be the end of the invite. TEG wants to partner with your team to help your church create an invite culture that actually works!

Invite Culture

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