App Development

G.Labs The Subsplash Platform / The Church App is a mobile app platform built by Subsplash that enables you to create high-quality, highly-configurable apps for your church, ministry, or organization. The
result is a suite of rich and powerful mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Windows Phone, and the web.
You can present full-length sermon audio and video, articles, images, blogs, and more. Many of these features allow end-users to share your content through Twitter, Facebook, and email. Event listings, maps, and online
giving can be presented and integrated. Subsplash will continue improving and developing on the platform so you will get operating system updates, new features, and ongoing publishing of the apps and content through the
app stores, web and networks. This allows you to focus on your mission and content. With the Subsplash Platform, you have real-time control of your apps and our App Specialists are available by phone and email to offer expertise and guidance.