Graphic Design

Have you recently looked at your website, your bulletins, your graphics and social media and thought that it’s time for a refresh, or even a whole new look, and don’t know where to start?  One of the things we love to do at The Elements Group is to provide churches and pastors with a new “brand” or look, to fit who you are, and express the professionalism and quality of ministry that you desire.  Our team can resource you, your church or ministry, with a whole new brand from top to bottom, or provide a refresh of your current look, website, and graphics, all tailored to fit you,

your needs and your DNA. Our graphics and web designers are able to provide graphics and branding help at whatever level you are seeking.  Our team is experienced in ministry and our desire is to convey the message of Christ filtered through your ministry’s specific values, demographics, location, and more.  Contact us for more information about what we can provide and let us help you go to a new level visually to reach more people for Christ.

Web Design

When you look at your church’s web presence, does it represent you and your ministry the way you want it to?  Our web designers at The Elements Group are highly excited and qualified to create a stunning website uniquely and specifically designed just for you, that exemplifies who you are and who you’re trying to reach.  Our websites are completely customizable, are highly functional, responsive (meaning they look great on your computer, tablet and smart phone), and can be your greatest asset in spreading your message as a church.  Features can include online giving, registrations and payments, calendars, audio and video of your weekend messages, forms, and much, much more.  Sure there are a lot of church website-building sites out there, but the result of using the designers at The Elements Group would be an exceptional 100% unique site built from top to bottom just for your church.  If you are looking for a refresh on your current site, or would like to start from scratch and build something beautiful for your church to utilize, contact us today for more information and pricing.


You might be thinking… what is a micro-campaign and why do I need it?  Simply put, there are times in your ministry when you just need a big splash!  You need something that will cause your people to come back to church, to get motivated to join your cause or campaign, or be just rejuvenated about what is happening in your church or ministry again.
At The Elements Group, we provide what is called a Micro-Campaign.  This “kit” can include message graphics, a marketing plan, invitation cards, banners, postcards, a bulk mailing, and a social media strategy, and is custom-fit to make your next big push a success.
When you need that extra “UMPH”, whether it’s to highlight Easter, Christmas, Back-to-School, or even just to make awareness of a new series that you believe will highly impact your church, let us help make it the most effective that it can be, and provide you with the results you are expecting.

Contact us to get more information on…

  • Invite cards
  • Message series logo design
  • Invitation cards
  • Postcard design
  • Bulk mailing targeting specific demographics
  • Social Media strategy/scheduling
  • Bulletin shells
  • Banners

Video Production

The heartfelt moments, events and stories of the growth that happens in the people of your church can be shared in powerful ways.  Seeing a one-minute video of a person’s life-change, showing moments of a retreat or event, or using a video to create excitement for an upcoming series or campaign can mean all the difference in effectively expressing your heart as a church.  If you have an event, retreat, or campaign coming up that you would like to highlight, or if you have some stories of life-change you would like to capture on film to share with your church, contact us!  Our video team will produce a high-quality piece that you will be excited to share, and that will be an incredible resource that you can use for growth in your church.

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