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What We’ve Learned From Our Clients

We have learned a lot over the last 15 years as a marketing business. As I look back on it, the biggest takeaway for me is that every client is different. They may have things in common, but every individual client will have different wants and needs for their brand development. Here’s what I can tell you that they will have in common:

  • They are wary of digital marketing
  • They can be picky 
  • They don’t want to waste money
  • They have a hard time finding their own brand voice 
  • They have a vision of what they want and expect you to take the reigns and get them there 

Every client’s vision will be different, and some may expect you to be a mind reader. The important thing to remember is that taking the time to get to know your clients will make your life easier. Not only will it help you with brand development, but you’ll be able to humanize their story. At the end of the day all we want is to be understood, right? We take that to heart and do our best to get to know our clients and what they stand for. 

Last year we took on a client that we thought would be an easy job. Boy, we were wrong about that. I’d also like to mention that no matter the level of difficulty, we enjoy working with all of our clients equally. Sometimes a challenge is good to keep you on your toes! Our team had a good understanding of their business, and we had the tools to help them with their social media growth. This particular client, however, had a very specific vision. This brought on two separate issues: 

  • How do we tell their story and tell it well? 
  • How do we tell that story through the specific lens that the client wants?

Clients always have the best intention for their business, but sometimes their ideas can be totally out of scope. What they think will work could actually be counterproductive to their growth and brand development. This makes our job difficult because we need to create a strategy that’s realistic, while also making sure the client’s needs are met. 

Let me tell you, with this client, it was not easy. It took time, patience, and a lot of meetings. But, at The Elements Group, this is what we do. If it takes more time to get to know the client and give them exactly what they want, then so be it! We put all of our energy into this project, and we were finally able to tell the client’s story through the lens she was looking for. 

This experience was a great reminder that every single church or small business that we work with had a voice that should be heard. It reminded us that it’s our job to take the best practices in digital marketing and combine them with the specific needs of our clients. While it may not always be easy, the experience is always rewarding for us and benefits the client. If you’re interested in letting the team at The Elements Group tell your story, contact us today!

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