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One of the most valuable tools that we at The Elements Group can provide is what we call a Playbook.  This comprehensive manual will take a big picture look at your church or ministry as a whole, and through a thorough discovery and evaluation, we will break down every area of your church and ministry into five distinct areas of focus:  Reach – your weekend services, Build – your discipleship or next steps, Equip – serving, Multiply – leadership, and Processes – your systems.  The Playbook will include an analysis and refocusing of your mission, vision, core values, an evaluation of your staff’s job descriptions and duties, a complete Message series calendar, a breakdown of each of your ministries, serving teams, small groups strategy, your processes, budget analysis and a listing of resources specifically designed for your church.

Why do you need a Playbook?  The Playbook’s value to your team, volunteers, board and leadership, will be a resource you can use for leadership training in every area of ministry, and will keep your team on the same “page” consistently throughout the year.  When a question of vision arises among your staff or congregation, the Playbook addresses it, and gives you confidence to be who you are, and infuse every area of ministry with your vision.

The Playbook’s inception for your church includes an in-depth analysis and discovery with our lead consultant, Miche Traina.  His ability to come alongside your church’s vision and help define it, or redefine it, and create a comprehensive Playbook for your team will be invaluable. Contact us for more information on how to get started!


As a pastor, how many times have you been asked if you have a mentor, what books you are reading to grow, or how many conferences you have been to in the last ten minutes?  As much as is required of a pastor, it is sometimes challenging to find that third-party perspective, wisdom or insight that you so often are looking for.  Sometimes you just need a fresh “take” on your ministry, and would to hear ideas and possibilities of what might be around the corner for you personally, and as a church. At The Elements Group our heartbeat is to

resource a church for growth, and often the greatest resource a pastor or team can have is a coach who is cheerleading them along in their journey.  Our coaching team will come alongside you and help you address some of those big concerns looming in your ministry, those small details that are hard to identify, and the roadblocks that need removing.  Our coaching sessions can be one-on-one with you as a pastor for an hour a week, with your team once a month, or whatever you are needing to get to the next level in your ministry.

Oftentimes in order to turn the corner on the “big ship” of your ministry it takes some finesse to maneuver each of the moving parts, and we can help keep you sailing smoothly.
Our coaching sessions will include assessments of your ministry, services, staffing, effectiveness, and these assessments alone can be highly beneficial to use moving forward to reach more people for Christ and to make your team stronger. Contact us today to schedule a session and to see if we may be able to help you where you are.

Message Calendar

Message Calendar Planning – Often as pastors, we can get bogged down in the day to day operations of the church, and rarely do we have the time to sit down and strategize about the vision that God has given us to lead our local churches.  At The Elements Group, we recognize that without a large team of creative visionaries surrounding you constantly (wouldn’t that be nice!), forecasting God’s vision for your church for the upcoming months and year can become overwhelming.
At The Elements Group, we love to come alongside a pastor, and draw out what God has laid on their heart, and simplify it down to what happens on a weekly basis at their church, through message calendar planning.  It may sound simple, but it can be the most valuable tool a pastor has in leading his or her church, staff and congregation.
So how does it work?

We will meet with you as a pastor to hear your heart and to understand where your church is heading, and then help you make a plan for the next season, semester or even year (or years!) specifically for your message/sermon series.  We can help you recognize trends in the church, what has worked for others and what hasn’t, understand seasons of physical growth and seasons of spiritual growth, and customize a creative and comprehensive message series strategy that will leverage your church for continuous growth and increase momentum as a ministry.  Once you have a message strategy and plan, your staff and every ministry in your church can have a clear path and vision to follow.

Sound fun?  It is!  And we believe it will help you plan, and give you confidence to lead your church to the next level.

Calendar Planning

The daunting church calendar…  Your staff despises it, you can’t find it, and when you do, it’s too overwhelming to touch.  We’ve been there!  At The Elements Group, we know how difficult it is to create the time to plan.  But we also know that if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else!  We know that as a church staff and team, you can have fifty different ideas and twice as many meetings and events that can fill up your church’s weekly calendar.  And sometimes you may think, why are we doing all this?  How does this all fit in with God’s vision for our church?
At The Elements Group we know how important planning is to be effective as a ministry.  We will schedule a session with you and your team to plan your semester or yearly calendar, strategize about how best to plan ministry events that coincide with your church’s vision and your message/sermon series calendar, and work cohesively together to be the most effective.  We can also identify what events or calendar items are “sacred cows” that could potentially be roadblocks for your team’s effectiveness. Contact us to schedule a session with you and your team.

Capital Campaign

At The Elements Group our mission is to resource your church for growth. And when it comes to assuring the future growth of your church, the impact of a successful capital campaign can help your church take a giant step forward in fulfilling it’s God-given vision.
While capital campaigns can range in length, scope and purpose from church to church, we want to help you identify your unique needs and leverage you forward with confidence and resource you with the tools and wisdom to launch your campaign.
We understand that the way a church raises funds to build, pay off a debt or remodel facilities is vastly different from raising money to build a college or hospital or other non-profit. Our goal at The Elements Group in helping churches raise money is not about raising money. Our primary objective will be to raise up Christian stewards in your church, encourage growth in the grace of giving, and to ground your people in the Biblical foundations of tithing and generosity.  We will help you lead them through a journey of spiritual growth and prayer in how God would have them respond to the needs and opportunities of your growing church.

Some of the things we will help identify in strategically planning your campaign…

  • Assess your need and assets
  • Determine what type of campaign you should launch
    » Capital Campaign – a multi-month coaching approach crafting a unique strategy and spiritual journey to raise funds above and beyond yearly budget receipts towards your capital need
    » Annual Giving Campaign – a multi-month coaching approach crafting a unique strategy and spiritual journey to increase passion, donors, and receipts toward your annual ministries budget
    » Generosity Campaign – a review and refinement of the many aspects that affect financial resources in a church. i.e. vision clarity, alignment, expenses, culture, discipleship, and giving just to mention a few
  • Survey your people and their readiness to be a part of a giving campaign
  • Determine how and when to go public with your campaign
  • Ascertain the possible length of your campaign

As your campaign is launched, The Elements Group will also come alongside you and keep the momentum of the campaign constantly going throughout its duration.  We understand that launching a campaign is only the beginning, and to keep its importance and vision in front of your congregation is an ongoing process and requires oversight and creativity in order for the campaign to be successful.

If you are potentially looking at expanding your facilities, paying off a debt or desire to grow your church in the principles of generosity, contact us to set up a discovery meeting to assess your needs and let us help you start to to realize what God could do!

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